PluriFi – The Ideal LPWAN

Wireless data transfer protocol for high-capacity networks


What makes PluriFi ideal?

Large coverage area

PluriFi uses ultra-narrowband modulation with modern anti-jamming coding methods, which ensures the gateway coverage area far exceeds the range of competing technologies.

Low hardware cost

The PluriFi protocol is designed so that a wide variety of mainstream radio chips from the world’s leading manufacturers can be used in both gateways and endpoints.

Prolonged operation per charge

The PluriFi protocol contains the minimum required overhead. When calculated for the same coverage area, PluriFi beats the competition by a factor of 3.

Information reliability & safety

Unlike other LPWAN systems, PluriFi uses noise-immune signal coding and dynamic coding systems that protect the signal from interference and prevent the transmission of a device’s address on a network.

High gateway throughput

The PluriFi protocol uses narrow-band (UNB) signals, which provide a high gateway throughput for your applications.

Open specification

PluriFi promotes interoperability by making the PluriFi standard publicly available to developers, who use it to develop compatible software or hardware.

The PluriFi Network

Our Partners

Our mission is to foster global development, adoption, and compliance of the PluriFi communication protocols and related standards through collaboration, education, testing, and certification. We do this with the help of our partners – join us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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PluriFi is a wireless data transfer protocol for high-capacity networks based on ultra-narrowband communications.

PluriFi allows you to keep your hardware costs down while making use of long lasting sensors with wide area connectivity.

To protect the transmitted information, the PluriFi protocol uses a sequence of three encryption keys, a session key that changes automatically and a message counter.

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