PluriFi for Intelligent farm management

Intelligent farm management using PluriFi components monitors crops’ growth stage and the changing conditions of the soil and weather to provide crop-specific recommendations that help achieve maximal yield.


  • Connectivity using PluriFi
  • Cloud management
  • Smart meters
  • Daily meter collection & analytics
  • Real-time data access from any device


  • Prevention of blight and other diseases
  • Production & storage optimization:
  • Early warning systems, decision support system
  • Reduce water consumption, heating costs, operational costs, labour
  • Prevent overuse of pesticides & fertilizers
  • 1 PluriFi Base Station covers 200,000 ha of land

Partner Showcase


CropCircles uses PluriFi to deliver accurate crop monitoring solutions for large scale farming. PluriFi allows CropCircles to keep its hardware costs down while providing long lasting sensors with wide area connectivity.

Large Scale Farming Monitoring

CropCircles support large scale farming operations by easily monitoring the soil, air quality, water saturation, and other parameters over very large areas and at a very low cost.

It’s All In The Infrastructure

CropCircle’s sensors, monitoring nodes, and gateways all adhere to the same core principles: long lasting, low cost, minimal operational needs, and secure data transfer.