PluriFi for Forest Fire Detection

Park rangers and rescue personnel are tasked with a variety of tasks ranging from forest fire detection and warning, to hiker tracking and assistance in remote areas which are hard to reach and where often there is no cellular coverage to enable communication with the hikers. When a fire breaks out in a remote area every minute counts for authorities to consolidate an effective response team and gather the necessary resources. Early warning of such an event as well as the ability to communicate with individuals in the area can be crucial for the safe conclusion of such a situation.


  • Connectivity using PluriFi
  • Early warning systems, decision support system
  • Daily data collection & analytics: temperature, humidity, occupancy, active proximity, passive infrared motion, ultrasound, fire, smoke, UV index, carbon monoxide levels, CO2 levels, seismic activity, wind speed, sound, light level, etc.
  • Cloud management
  • Real-time data access from any device


  • Early warning of forest fires and other natural disasters
  • Increase safety for hikers in remote areas
  • Enable communication between hikers and rescue personnel in remote areas
  • Track progress of hikers along established hiking routes
  • Low-cost solution

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Established in 2021, TreeDAR has made it its mission to connect people to the wood-wide-web. Basing its communications stack on the PluriFi standard, the company offers solutions for early forest fire detection and hiker tracking & assistance.

Early Forest Fire Detection

Every minute counts when a forest fire breaks in a remote area. TreeDAR provides authorities with this precious time to consolidate an effective response team and gather the necessary resources.

Hiker Tracking & Assistance

TreeDAR monitors the progress of hikers in remote areas, allows them to request emergency assistance when they are out of cellular reception range, and serves as a virtual path marker along hiking trails.