Certify Your Product

PluriFi Certification Process Overview

The PluriFi Certification Process promotes global product interoperability and reinforces the strength of the PluriFi™ brand and ecosystem to the benefit of all PluriFi members. Certification helps member companies ensure their PluriFi products comply with the PluriFi Patent & Copyright License Agreement and the PluriFi Trademark License Agreement (collectively, the PluriFi License Agreement) and PluriFi specifications.

ALL PluriFi™ Products Must Be Certified

  • Product certifications cannot be inherited from your supplier, you must complete the certification of your product for yourself
  • You can only certify your products under your member company’s account and only by completing the PluriFi Certification Process
  • It may be possible to complete product certification by adding the product as a new model to one of your existing certifications. Or you may need to create a new certification which may require testing to be completed.

You Should Check for Certification if Reselling a Product

  • If you are reselling another company’s product (not representing the product as your own), you should ensure that the product has been properly certified by that company
  • You can check to see if a product is properly certified by submitting a request to PluriFi

Certification Must Happen Before You Take Products to Market

  • A PluriFi™ product must be certified on or before the date that you begin to sell or distribute the product
  • Details you provide for each PluriFi product listing must exactly match the product, its packaging markings, and marketing materials

If Your Products Are Not Certified

  • Products which appear to have not completed the PluriFi Certification Process may be impounded by customs’ authorities and will be subject to PluriFi enforcement actions

Completing the PluriFi Certification Process

The Certification Process applies to products incorporating PluriFi designs. A design is a specific configuration of hardware and/or software implementation of adopted PluriFi™ specifications. The design is assigned a PluriFi product type per the definitions in the Compliance Requirements section of the PluriFi specifications.

If an organization produces more than one product that incorporates the same PluriFi design, those additional products can be listed within the same certification at no additional cost.

There are two paths for certification:

  • Certification Process with No Required Testing
  • Certification Process with Required Testing

The path you use depends on whether your product uses a new or existing PluriFi design.

Certification Process with No Required Testing

This path applies to the following scenarios when you are:

  • Using another member organization’s previously certified PluriFi™ end-product or subsystem in your product with no changes or additions to the PluriFi design
  • Purchasing a PluriFi product manufactured by a third party and distributing it with your organization’s name or logo (also referred to as “white-labeling“).
  • Creating combinations involving only previously certified PluriFi End Products or Subsystems and you make no design changes.

Certification Process with Required Testing

This path applies to the following scenarios when you are:

  • Creating a new design or combination that does not involve only previously certified PluriFi™ end products or subsystems.
  • Altering a previously certified PluriFi design by changing the core configuration/functionality.
  • Certifying a design that uses a previously certified PluriFi Component product type.